Termite protection system.
Once installed, no more expensive termite inspections, ever.

This is why termidetector is unique

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Unique System

There's no other systems like it

Once Only Cost

Once installed, inspections are free (Maintenance free)

More Efficient System

Detects termites inside the house, not just in the garden.

More Frequent Inspections

3 monthly inspections to detect them early


Evidence of termite hits. (See tech section)

Free Email Reminder Service

We'll send you an email reminder every 3 months.

Maintenance Free & Low Tech

They don’t wear out and not effected by the weather

Chemical Free Detection

None, whatsoever

Aussie Innovation

Designed and manufactured in Australia


Easy to inspect as monitors are inside your house

No Pest Controller Involvement


Compatible With Other Systems

Can be used to support any other system

Termites are only a problem
when they get inside your house

And here's what they can do

Termites are not a problem!

…even if
they’re in
your garden

…or nesting
in a near by tree

…or just
flying around

However, they’re a major problem
…if they get Inside your house

They have paid for themselves and we have recommended to them to all of out friends
Mark and Glenda Hoskins
Gold Coast
Our pest inspector says that if we did not detect the termites early, our walls would need to be rebuilt.
Colin Litfin
Gold Coast
The Termidetectors were easy to install and monitor, plus I save money on my two yearly inspections.
M. Romaniuk
Mountain Creek
The termidetector system that is especially designed to detect them, WHEN AND If they actually get inside your home and before they do any damage. It’s a simple, chemical free, once-only-cost solution with no, ongoing fees

Termites always attack
the timber that they like the most …FIRST

Termite Home Insurance Cover?

If your home insurance company is on this list

[A] Ammi, Alliance, ANZ Aon master Trust, Apia, Aussie, Aust Post Australian, Seniors, Australian Unity

[B] Bank of Melbourne Bank SA, Bank West, Bendigo bank, BOQ, (Bank of (QLA), Budget Direct, Bupa

[C] Catholic Church Insurance, CGU, CHUBB, Coles, Comminsure, CUA

[G] Gio

[H] HSBC, Hume Bk

[I] IMP Bank ING

[K] Kogan

[M] Mortage Choice

[N] National Seniors

[O] Ozcare

[P] People’s Choice

[S] SGIC, SGIO, Shannons, St George Bank, Suncorp


[V] Virgin Money

[W] Westpac Woolworths

[Y] Youi

...you’re not covered for termite damage

Yet termites cause more destruction to
Australian homes than fires, storms and floods combined

Unfortunately, insurance companies consider termites in your house, like rust in your car.

They won’t insure against either… the risks are just too great.

There have been only 3 basic methods of termite protection available over the years and none have really been excepted by the home owner.

  1. Yearly termite pest inspections
  2. Garden monitors, around the house
  3. Chemical barriers, around the house

Most owners refuse to pay for expensive on-going pest inspections and they’re not happy with messy and disruptive garden monitors or chemical barriers that also have ongoing costs.


Our unique and proven in-house system is especially designed
To detect termites when and if they actually get inside your
Home and before they do any damage.

Once installed… inspections are free!
And there’s no on-going maintenance

Termimesh West Australian
laboratory testing facility

Termimesh have been established for 25 years and supply
concrete slab barrier systems in Australia, the US and Japan

Termi-detector monitoring devices were exposed to termites for 2 hours

Termites covered the timber dowel in termite mud  prior to consumption while other timber species in the test were not touched

Another monitoring deviceafter 26 hours

The 17mm timber dowel has been attacked and reduced to the size of a tooth pick

The Mountain Ash timber used in these  experiments proved that termites like to eat the timber that they like the most…FIRST alerting the home owner, that they have arrived

Don't wait until it is too late to protect your home from termites.