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Yes it does, for that particular day. They may move in, the next day. You’ve just spent $1000’s on stamp duty, termite inspections, engineering reports, solicitors, loan applications, insurance etc. Why not spend another few hundred on a termite protection system that will protect you from the critters that cause more damage to homes than storms, floods and fires, combined. It’s a once-only-cost, there’s no ongoing fees.

Definitely not. Termite damage insurance can be taken out separately however, it involves a hefty yearly premium and the involvement of regular termite inspections carried out by a qualified technician.

When this happens home owners usually freak out and think that they have just arrived. That is definitely not so. Termites are in every bodies garden, minding their own business and have been there for 1000s of years. In fact, the CSIRO state that 80% of Australian homes are within 25M of a termite colony. Termites are only a problem when and if they actually get inside the house itself.

Detecting termites with wooden stakes placed in the garden around a house have been around for 30 years. The big difference is we position out timber monitors inside the actual house. Very close together and concentrated in all the high risk wet areas where termites like to sub nest and breed.  When the monitors are inspected every 3 months you can catch them early when and if they gain entry.  For more information go to our “Technical information menu”

Get a pest controller now, and worry about monitoring later.