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Here are a number of letters from happy termidetector users


We have been informed many times that it would be cheaper to manufacture the devices in China but because the invention is Australian we wanted to keep the manufacturing here, as well. The plastic parts are manufactured in Queensland and the Endeavour Foundation do the assembly which supports people with disabilities.

Company history

Our company Roscher Services Pty Ltd have been in the building industry for 41 years, specializing in designing and constructing homes on sloping bushland sites. 

Our clients felt vulnerable to termite attack which prompted us to develop our system. 

We discovered later that concrete slab on ground type construction was  far more vulnerable to termite attack than homes built up, off the ground.

Chest of Draws - The Origin Story

A newspaper article many years ago describer a cabinet maker who built a chest of draws using 5 different types of wood.  The top was pine, the sides were cedar etc. The chest was stored in a garage and when inspected a few months later was found to be in perfect order except for the fact that the back of every draw had been eaten away by termites. The backs of the draws were made from a species of timber called Mountain Ash which grows in Tasmania. 

It was evident that the termites like to eat the timber that they liked the most …FIRST.

This fact was confirmed by entomologists, the CSIRO and the Forestry Research Institute. 

We then set about developing our system that would allow timber dowels of this particular wood to be placed into house frames and inspected every 3 months by home owners to reveal early termite activity.

Join our many clients who are saving money and have peace of mind that their homes are safe from termites.