How They Work

Typical monitor floor plan positions

Once termites gain entry into your house they have an overwhelming desire to scramble low down in the wall frame looking for food. (Wood)

They are very particular about what they eat. The actually attack the wood that they like to most…first.. Normally it’s the soft wood mouldings, architraves and skirting boards throughout the house,  before they start for your wooden house frame.

However, when termi-detectors are installed, they go for them first.

For termites to survive in the house, they must also find a continuous source of moisture and humidity which are often found in bathrooms, en-suites, laundries, kitchen and toilets.

To detect them early we concentrate our monitors in these high risk areas where termites like to sub-nest and breed.

Termite Email Inspection Reminder

Inspecting the monitors on a frequent and regular basis is critical in detecting termites early. Early detection means less damage caused, and makes eradication, lots cheaper. We email each home owner, a reminder to check the devices every 3 months.
….It’s a free service!

Time to check your

“Mountain Ash…” the termites’ favourite

The wood used in our monitors is Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) claimed by the CSIRO and the Forestry Research Institute to be, their favourite wood. They just love it.

This variety of wood is far more appetising to them than the wood mouldings used by builders and attacked well before the frame work of your house.

These huge Mountain Ash trees grow in Tasmania and are the second tallest trees in the world… Luckily, termites can’t exist in the cold Tasmania weather, so the trees remain unharmed.

Corrugated grooves

The Mountain Ash wooden monitor dowels are especially machined with corrugated grooves which makes them even more appetising to termites and easier for them to get their teeth into.

If and when termites are discovered

If termites are discovered, and you have been inspecting the monitors every 3 months, very little damage would have been done. 

A qualified pest controller would be called in. Unfortunately, chemical poisoning is the only way to eradicate them. 

With our system however, it is only required when termites are found in the actual house itself.  So the poison is concentrated only where it’s required.

Naturally, less chemical are required because the individual monitor that has been attacked, clearly pin points where they are in the wall frame and most importantly, where they gained access. 

In addition, the pest controller can poke his bora scope (tiny camera) through the termi-detector access holes throughout the house for other signs of activity. 

We recommend that eradication should only be carried out by a qualified pest controller as they have the experience and the specialised chemicals to carry out the task.

Save money, save time with our easy to install termite monitoring system.