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How many monitors will I need?

House SizeHouse DescriptionMonitor Required
Small3 Bed, 1 Bath house / Villa / T-house20
Medium4 Bed, 2 Bath family, double garage30
Large5 Bed, 2 Bath family, double garage40
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They have paid for themselves and we have recommended to them to all of out friends
Mark and Glenda Hoskins
Gold Coast
Our pest inspector says that if we did not detect the termites early, our walls would need to be rebuilt.
Colin Litfin
Gold Coast
The Termidetectors were easy to install and monitor, plus I save money on my two yearly inspections.
M. Romaniuk
Mountain Creek


There is a comprehensive 8 page installation and monitoring manual supplied with each order.

It outlines where every monitor should be positioned throughout the house and includes many tips on other termite prevention safeguards.

The monitors are easy to install.

Small 20MM holes are drilled low down, just above the skirting boards through the soft plaster walls.

Depending on house size, installation takes 60 to 90 minutes.

Any handyman can install the monitors (It’s a once only cost) or you can
fit them yourself.

All that’s requires is a 20mm spade drill bit. (Which are available from any hardware store)

Installation can also be carried out by any local handyman
or by one of the large national handyman companies

Once installed the monitors are very unobtrusive
And sit low down, flat against the wall, just above the skirting
boards and are roughly the size of a 20C piece

Construction types

Our system is suitable for both concrete slab on ground or above ground floor types. 

Any structure in fact with a wooden frame and external cladding such as Brick veneer, timber, weatherboard, fibre cement (FC) panelling, rendered brick. 

Our system is not suitable, however, for solid type wall structures that do not have a timber frames such as double brick, Bessa concrete block, sandstone etc. In addition, the devices cannot be placed  into walls which contain fibre glass wall installation.